Wolfram mathematician adds new job to add to app portfolio August 7, 2021 August 7, 2021 admin

MATTHEW M. FERGUSON, EDITOR OF THE NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE The Wolfram Language, a collection of mathematics words and phrases, is now available to users of Apple’s mobile app, Apple Maps, as an add-on.

The language, which is built using the Wolfram API, was previously available only to Apple users.

The language, created by the Wolframs for Developers project, includes the following:The addition of the language comes after a string of high-profile departures at Apple, including Chief Operating Officer John Browett, chief architect John Gruber, and senior vice president of product Mark Surman, who left in August.

In July, Apple’s general manager of engineering Craig Federighi resigned, and chief product officer Jony Ive stepped down from the company in December.

Apple, which has been working on its own language for years, is also planning to build a native application for the Wolfraphs, a company that is known for its apps that integrate with a number of other popular platforms, including Google Play and Microsoft’s Office suite.

It’s unclear if the Wolfrap Language would make its way to Apple’s app store, but it’s possible that the company would consider the language as an additional tool to make the Wolfrabs products more accessible to developers.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.