Why you should think twice about maths in science class August 6, 2021 August 6, 2021 admin

A maths teacher has been criticised after telling pupils they are ‘just a bunch of math equations’ and that they should just ignore the subject altogether.

Maths teacher Paul White said the students should instead be ‘pushed to the edge of the earth’ and ‘bored’.

Mr White, from the National Centre for Mathematical Education, has apologised for the words and said they were not intended as a threat.

The teacher, who has since resigned, told pupils at St John’s Primary School in Melbourne, in Victoria’s south, that they would ‘have to learn a little bit of mathematics to get the job done’.

‘They need to learn how to do something with a pencil,’ he said.

‘It’s not a mathematical thing.

It’s not really anything.

It was just something that was a little too much for me.’

The pupil, who was at the school on Thursday, later told the ABC she was not sure what to make of the remarks.

Mr White told the school newspaper that the pupils should ‘learn how to use a pen’ and said: ‘If you want to make a little effort, that’s fine, but you’ve got to do it with a little imagination.

‘You’ve got the right to do whatever you want.

You can’t force people to do things.

‘The way we teach them, the way we do it, it’s not that simple.’

‘We teach maths, it has to be applied to a lot of different things.’

That’s why we’re really focussed on it.’

It’s just not going to be a mathematical subject in the classroom.’

The teacher was speaking as the students walked out of the classroom, the ABC reported.

Mr Trump, the president of the US, has recently called for a more rigorous, scientifically rigorous and socially inclusive education, including for young people, in which science and maths are ‘at the heart’.

Mr Trump has been criticized for his controversial rhetoric about the role of religion in America, including comments that he had been told he could not attend a Muslim country.

‘My Muslim friends are saying I’m going to have to learn Arabic in school,’ Mr Trump said at a rally in Alabama.

‘And they’re saying, ‘You can’t learn that from your mosque.

You’re going to learn it from a book.’

The president also tweeted: ‘Just out of curiosity, does anybody know where the term ‘muslim’ comes from?’

‘Is it just a name for a religion, is it a thing?

It’s a word for a group of people.’

The US president has repeatedly made controversial statements about Muslims.

In an interview with CNN in April, he said Muslims ‘can’t be trusted’ to keep America safe.

‘I would say if we were talking about Islamic terrorism, you know, a lot more Muslims are involved in that than would ever be identified as terrorists,’ he told the network.

‘But you have to remember, you have Islamic terrorists that have been very successful.

‘So, I’m not sure how many of those people are Muslim, but I think they’re very successful and very, very violent.’

The comments drew criticism from civil rights groups, with the American Civil Liberties Union calling them ‘unacceptable’.

Mr Spicer has said he would be resigning if he was asked to do so by Mr Trump.

‘If he asks me to resign, I’ll leave,’ he had said at the time.