Why we’re more likely to say maths jokes on Twitter than any other medium September 23, 2021 September 23, 2021 admin

More than a quarter of British adults said they’d ever said a maths joke, according to a survey.

Math jokes are a popular way of expressing the concept of “being right” in a debate, and a recent survey by YouGov found that 40% of respondents had done so.

A poll by YouCaring found that around a third of British parents use maths jokes, and another survey by Ipsos MORI found that maths jokes were used in more than 40% or more of English-language news stories in the past year.

But, in a twist, there are also some maths jokes which you wouldn’t normally associate with being right.

Here are seven maths jokes you may not know about.1.

The Loch Ness monster is really a meteor.

The Loch Ness Monster is actually a meteor, but it’s been called the “Loch Ness Monster of the North Sea” because of its size and its presence in the North of England.2.

The US has one of the highest rates of smoking among its population, but the health risks are much lower than other developed countries.

Nearly 10% of Americans smoke, compared to just over 4% of the UK population.3.

We’ve got a new type of robot, which can read people’s minds.

In the past, we’ve seen robots take over jobs such as picking up rubbish, or picking up people’s mail, or taking orders.

But now, researchers from the University of Bath have developed a new kind of robot which can understand and remember people’s thoughts.4.

The UK has a more complex system of social welfare.

When you’re in the UK, there is a system of “community welfare”, which means your income goes to the state through your local council.

But if you live in a country with a much different system of local social welfare, such as Norway, Denmark or Switzerland, you could receive the state money directly from your employers.5.

There’s a new form of dating app called Tinder.

It has become the most popular dating app in the world and it’s the first to be created by a team of academics from Oxford University.

The team have spent three years building a new application which is much easier to use than Tinder.6.

Your hair has a colour.

Your hair colour is linked to how long you’ve been alive, which in turn is linked with how long it takes for the colour to fade.

Scientists have been trying to find out what determines your hair colour since the 1950s, but no one had yet found a gene which caused it to change.7.

The best time to start a new job is before the baby’s due date.

Most people have a ‘job start date’, but the actual date they start a job can vary from person to person.8.

The most successful countries in the EU are the least likely to get into financial trouble.

There are several factors that influence the likelihood of a country in the European Union to default on its debt, including the level of debt they have, their level of economic growth, and their size.9.

It’s not always safe to buy new clothes, but there’s a silver lining.

If you buy a new pair of shoes, the manufacturer can use them to build new shoes for you, which may help reduce the cost of repairs.10.

You might want to get a new haircut.

Hair removal is becoming more common, with some people choosing to use their own hair removal equipment instead.

However, many people have difficulty getting their hair to grow back after they’ve done the operation, which could make it difficult to find a hairstyle that works for you.11.

You can get rid of your own vomit without any chemicals.

You could get rid in a few hours by throwing away the last of the chemicals you use to wash your hands, which include chlorine, bleach and detergent.12.

Your pet may be your best friend.

Pets can be a powerful ally.

Research by Oxford University has shown that pet owners are the most likely to volunteer for short-term community projects in the hope of helping their pet to thrive.13.

Your kids may be best friends, but your mum may not.

More than one in five people said that their mum had a good relationship with their children.


You’re not sure whether you’re a good fit for the new boss.

Many of the most successful companies in Britain are owned by women.


If you’re sick, there’s always the NHS.

Some of the NHS’ biggest hospitals are run by women, and women make up half of its staff.


You may not have seen the moon, but you’ve seen the aurora borealis.

This is a phenomenon in which light passes through the atmosphere and becomes reflected off of the earth.17.

Your mum has a special job.

One of the biggest