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The world is awash in numbers, but how do you make a math-based game that’s more interesting than a number-based one?

New York-based developer Aeon Entertainment has come up with an intriguing answer.

Aeon’s latest creation, Maths, features math-themed graphics that look more like a comic book than a game, but it also offers a game-like experience in which players can learn to read mathematical equations and solve complex math problems.

Aeon’s team calls the game “Maths.”

The title is derived from the Latin phrase meaning “math-based,” and the graphics are actually derived from real-world mathematical figures.

A few days ago, Aeon released the first alpha build of Maths on mobile and PC, which was designed to make the game accessible to new users.

This past weekend, the team announced that the game had sold over 1 million downloads, and the team is currently looking for more players to help it develop Maths for mobile.

We started off with a bunch of basic concepts in math, which we thought would be good to start with.

So now we’re going to be adding more advanced concepts in the future, like things like equations and functions, and we’re gonna expand those in the next version.

But for now, Math’s a fun little math game, and you can do cool math with it, too.

It’s pretty simple to pick up and play, and it’s really easy to learn.

It just has a bunch and a bunch more concepts to learn, so it’s not that difficult to pick it up and enjoy it.

So what is a math game?

A lot of math games focus on playing the game with a team of people, and there’s an old rule that says that when you make the rules of a game more complex, you’re more likely to lose.

But that’s not necessarily true.

In Maths , you’re essentially playing with your own math equations, so you can learn a lot from them.

You can learn how to do some of the more advanced math-related math, like solving for x,y,z.

It might take a bit of practice to get the hang of it, but once you get the knack, you’ll be able to play the game as a team.

It’s also worth noting that Maths is a game that has a very simple goal: to play as a group of people.

The first challenge is finding a team that has the right number of players.

The team with the most players wins.

The team that gets the most points wins the game, because there’s a team-based mechanic that allows you to take your opponents team and take turns, so that the team that loses gets a lot of points.

That means that a team with only two people is probably going to get a lot less points.

So it’s a game where everyone has a role, and that means that you have to have a team to play on.

A team that is playing as a single player also needs to be strong enough to survive a battle.

The game is about finding a way to get your team to the center of the map without getting overwhelmed by other teams.

It also has a group-based system in which you can swap players in and out of the game.

If you have a big lead, it might be best to switch to someone else, and if you need to split up, you can just pick someone else.

But you can’t just pick a random player and go.

That just doesn’t work.

You’re also competing with other players.

As a team, you have some rules that you need your team members to follow.

For example, the rules are that your teammates have to make a certain number of guesses about the answer to the math problem.

But they don’t have to know exactly how to answer the question.

There’s a lot you can think about to make sure that your team is the right team, and to figure out how to beat your opponent.

A lot has to do with strategy, as well.

The most popular way to win is to get to the middle of the field, where you can score points, which makes your team stronger and makes it harder for other teams to get into your zone.

That’s also the most popular tactic in some other math games, like chess, where players are trying to win by creating a board with the least pieces.

If they get too many pieces, they lose.

So you have one strategy in Maths: get to that middle point, and win the game quickly.

A good math game should have a lot more variety than a lot is typically associated with games, because math isn’t just a big deal in games.

There are other types of games that play a lot like math games.

One of the best-known math games is called the Pong game.

That game is similar in style to a lot other math-game types, like the chess game.

It has a lot going on, and players