What’s on in the new Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur? August 22, 2021 August 22, 2021 admin

The good Dinosaur, Pixar’s third feature film in two years, has been getting a bit of a boost this week as fans have taken to social media to give the film a second look.

The film is currently available for streaming and downloading on Apple and Amazon, but the best-kept secret of the summer is whether or not the film will get a theatrical release.

The Good Thing sequel to 2014’s Monsters University, The Good Dinos director and star Justin Lin has said he’s working on a second film, but there’s still no release date.

The Good Dinosaur, which will be released on August 14, follows a group of dinosaurs called “The Good Guys” as they fight off a massive onslaught of dinosaurs in their hometown of Dinosaur World.

It stars John Goodman, Sally Hawkins, and John C. Reilly.