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A quantum computer could be used to create the world’s first truly digital currency, a breakthrough that could make a huge impact on the way money is exchanged online.

A new team of researchers has built a quantum computer that could be harnessed to create a new form of digital currency.

The research was presented at the 2016 conference on quantum computing.

Researchers from the University of Oxford have built a computer that can be used as a quantum computing device.

They say the computer is capable of solving a problem that has never been solved before, or that is currently impossible.

The researchers say the system is capable to solve problems that have never been attempted.

The research has been carried out by a team from the Oxford University Centre for Quantum Computing.

It could be the first quantum computer to be used for real-world use.

This quantum computer can be linked to the internet, so it is possible to send messages between computers.

The computers ability to do this is called “collaborative computation” and the researchers say this new type of quantum computing could be a significant step towards making it possible for people to use the internet without having to trust anyone.

Professor Andrew Stott, one of the authors of the research said: “Collaborative computational technology is something that we’ve been working on for a long time.

We know that quantum computers can be very powerful, but we’re also working on something that could potentially be a game changer in the future.”

This new type is a quantum-level computer that has the capability to do the kinds of computations that are currently impossible to do on conventional computers.

“The new system can be created by the researchers using an existing computer chip, which can be bought on a website.

The device can be configured to take advantage of the quantum properties of matter.

Professor Stott said: We designed the device to be capable of doing computations where you would never normally need to worry about how much energy it has or whether it has any quantum properties.

We designed it to be able to solve these problems because the computing power of quantum computers is not limited to just the power of one single electron, it’s the energy of hundreds of thousands of them.

The team say this is a significant development, and will have a significant impact on how people use and exchange money online.”

The quantum computers could be transformative in terms of how people transact money and how they transact money,” Professor Stott told the BBC.”

You would have a new type to transact money, which could change how money is traded in the real world.

“The researchers have also published a paper on the quantum computing technology in Nature Communications, describing the progress they have made.

Professor Martin Bickmore, one the authors said: It’s exciting to see this technology finally get to commercial use.”

We think it will have profound implications for our understanding of how our world works,” he said.

Professor Bicklesson said that it was possible to combine the quantum effects of an electron with the physical properties of an atom.”

What’s important about this research is the idea that it is a really exciting result that we are trying to get to,” he added.”

But it’s also a great demonstration of how far this research has progressed.

“The quantum computing system is built on a quantum chip that is about 10nm thick.

The paper describing the work is titled “Quantum computing of atomic layer quantum devices: An approach for the quantum generation of quantum bits”.

This technology will fundamentally change how we do business.””

There are huge implications for how we interact with the internet.

This technology will fundamentally change how we do business.”

The scientists say their new system has many advantages.

The quantum bits are very light, making it easier to work with.

It is also very easy to control, and there are no problems with the chip being damaged.