Maths and programming in the future September 4, 2021 September 4, 2021 admin

The Verge cover story on mathematics.

It features an infographic on the subject and a video on the topic.

“If you have an interest in the history of mathematics you’ll see how the rise of modern computing is tied to the rise in the number of mathematicians,” the article says.

“The number of programmers and mathematicians has grown dramatically over the last century.”

The article also explains that programming languages have been used for “a long time” but there is a need for the general mathematical community to get involved.

“You’ll also see a great deal of interest in new developments in programming languages and computer architectures,” the piece says. 

“A growing number of people are actively developing a new language called Mathematica that will be open source, and it’s an ambitious project,” the website says.

Mathematicas main developer, Yann Leveille, told Ars he was “very excited” to be able to share his work with the world.

“We are proud to be collaborating with people in the mathematical community on Mathematicus project,” Leveine told Ars.

“I think the project will have a profound impact on the world of mathematics.”

The first Mathematican blog, which has since been shut down, featured a blog post about the project and the need for mathematical knowledge in today’s digital world. 

A series of posts and articles by Leveines colleague Paul Ehrlich in 2016 were also heavily critical of the field, calling it a “dangerous” industry.

“People are afraid of mathematics because they are scared of death, or of being wrong, or being hurt,” Leves wrote.

“They are afraid to get up from their chairs and get into the work that they love because they don’t know how they’ll survive the day.”

He also argued that Mathematicia is “a very risky and very destructive way of learning mathematics.”