Liberal arts mathematics: Liberal arts students in crisis August 17, 2021 August 17, 2021 admin

Liberals are being taught to “be careful what you wish for” and “never forget what you have”, according to a new academic report.

Liberal Arts Mathematics (LAM) is a research project undertaken by University of New South Wales (UNSW) and the NSW Government.

It has been launched with the goal of addressing the growing trend of “cultural Marxism” in the arts, with students learning to identify cultural and political agendas and to identify “cultural capital”.

Students who are “anti-capitalist” and have a “liberal bias” will be “at the lowest end of the cultural spectrum” and are not likely to “grow as highly as other students” according to the report.

Liberal Arts Professor, Dr Rebecca Meehan, said the students would be taught to use “criticism and critical thinking” to “avoid being labelled racist or fascist”.

“They’ll be taught that you can’t be racist if you’re white and that you’re not fascist if you are white,” Professor Meehaus said.

“The only way to be able to have a successful life in the Australian arts is to identify, recognise and fight against cultural appropriation.”

Professor Meehans report was launched on Thursday with the aim of addressing “cultural Marxist” issues, with UNSW students learning how to identify and fight “cultural imperialism” and anti-capitalism.

Dr Rebecca Miehans says Liberal Arts students in NSW need to be taught critical thinking and to be careful what they wish for.

Source: The new curriculum, which is also being implemented at the University of Sydney, will be taught at all four universities, including the university of Sydney.

The UNSW study will focus on how students can identify cultural appropriation, cultural capital and “cultural terrorism”.

The Government will be providing funding for the project.

Professor Miehan said the project had been launched “without much thought” as the Government had already been concerned about the rise of “anti, anti-capitalist, anti capitalist politics”.

“But now we’ve got to start to understand the impact of these ideas,” she said.

Professor Moehans research found that “anti Marxist” views are becoming more popular in Australia, with a third of students identifying as “anti capitalist” and a third identifying as anti-fascist.

While Liberal Arts Mathematics has been “the topic of considerable controversy”, it has “proven to be the most effective tool” to address “cultural and political inequalities in Australian higher education”.

“The students’ experience will be invaluable in the development of policies and programs that support multiculturalism and diversity in higher education,” she explained.

“We need to find a balance between supporting students who are critical thinkers, but are also critical thinkers and supporting students that have a more conservative agenda.”

Liberal Arts Students, including Liberal Arts majors and the first year Liberal Arts graduates, were being taught “anti capitalism, anti capital, anti fascism and anti fascist views”.

Professor Elizabeth Smith, UNSW’s Director of Education and a Liberal Arts graduate, said “this is a very important issue to the Liberal Arts community” and that “this new curriculum will help us all learn from the past”.

“It will help to counter the notion that these views are just something that’s been coming along for a long time,” she added.

Universities and universities need to “fight against cultural Marxism” and promote “cultural diversity”.

Liberal arts students will be encouraged to use critical thinking, critique and critical analysis to fight against “cultural exploitation” and cultural imperialism.

As well as teaching students to be “critical thinkers” and to resist “cultural appropriation”, Professor Miehaus also believes the curriculum is a “great opportunity” for students to learn “what it means to be part of a multicultural society”.

“We have the opportunity to create a very diverse future for our nation,” she concluded.

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