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Football Italian article On Saturday, January 15, the Italian Football Federation will hold a special meeting at the Principality Stadium to discuss the evolution of mathematics in football.

This meeting will also be followed by a meeting of the Technical Committee of the National League (PLN) to discuss how to improve the quality of the game and how to introduce the game into the mainstream of society.

As the league has been in crisis for some time, a meeting between the technical committee and the president of the Professional Football League (PFL) is being discussed at the same time.

As a result of this meeting, there is a chance of the formation of a new league with the support of the government.

The new league will be composed of 10 teams and will be managed by the president and the league itself.

It is important to remember that the PFL was formed to promote football and it is very important to preserve the spirit of the league.

The president of Italy’s national football association, Paolo Dall’Oglio, will participate in the meeting, according to a statement on the official website of the Italian football association.

“We are in close contact with the president.

He has already presented the draft of the plan to the PFA.

We are in discussion with the PFF to understand how the proposal can be put into practice.

We have to ensure that the plans are implemented and that the sporting activity will be maintained,” said Paolo Piacenza, president of Fiorentina, in a press release.

The Italian Football Association is composed of nine members and the presidents of the other six members.

The president of a club, as well as the presidents are elected by the association, who are also elected by their members.

“The PFL is a political organisation, so we do not have any influence over it.

We only have to follow the rules of the PFTB.

This is why we cannot influence it,” explained Paolo.

The PFL can have the power to change its name, but the PBA is in charge of this power.

The presidents of both the associations are expected to make recommendations on the new league.

However, as the PFSL is a new entity, the governing body of the new football league cannot take part in the discussions, but only the president, the president’s assistants, the players, the administrators and the other members of the football club.

“When the president meets the representatives of the clubs, he is free to present his own proposal.

The club representatives must agree on this proposal and the PFEI must support it,” said the statement.

The PFA will decide whether or not to accept the proposal, which would require a meeting with the Italian government.

This will be followed immediately by a formal announcement of the name and the formation date of the newly formed league.

“I cannot give you any time frame yet, but I would like to say that we have decided to call it the ‘AFC Pro League’, after the name of our national team,” said Dallolio.

This is not the first time that the creation of a professional football league in Italy has been linked with the creation and management of the World Cup.

In 2014, the PFP presented a plan to create a league with a number of teams in the PPL, which was approved by the government and approved by all clubs.

“It was a great initiative and a big success for the country, which had been suffering from financial problems, but at the time the plans were not well-received.

We will try to achieve this, but it will be difficult,” Paolo said.