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In the last century, many mathematicians in the United States have found themselves thrust into an academic career where they have to answer questions about mathematics, and it is in this environment that a new generation of mathematicians is emerging.

In this series of articles, we explore the history of mathematical careers in the U.S.A. and beyond.1.

Math in America: The Origins of Mathematics by David W. St. John The origins of mathematical work and the development of mathematical disciplines are described in this volume.2.

Mathematical Sciences by John L. Shulman Shulmans work, in particular, is regarded as one of the most important contributions of the twentieth century to mathematics and the study of mathematics.

He was an influential teacher in mathematics and taught it in universities around the world, including Columbia University, Yale University, and Princeton University.3.

The Mathematical Universe: The Science and Philosophy of Mathematics, by William B. E. Hogg A classic work of mathematical philosophy, this volume was published in 1949.4.

Mathematics in the World: A New History of Mathematical Science, by Donald P. O’Rourke A history of mathematics from the origins of the discipline to the present day, this book focuses on the evolution of mathematics and is considered one of his most important works.5.

Mathematics and Philosophy by Daniel S. Gavitt This is a fascinating book.

In it, Gavatt gives a history of the development and growth of the field of mathematics over the past 100 years.

His goal is to show how the field evolved from its beginnings as a discipline of inquiry to become a discipline whose practitioners are the most prominent members of society.

This is the first book in the series.6.

An Introduction to the Mathematics of Everyday Life, by Paul D. Egan Egan’s book, with a history, offers an overview of the origins and development of mathematics in the modern era.7.

The Origins and Development of Mathematics: A History of Scientific Method and Scientific Inquiry, by Michael P. Fuchs A fascinating book about the history and development in mathematics of scientific method, its development and application, and its impact on science and society.8.

A History in the History of Mathematics and the Study of Mathematics in America by Richard S. Kagan Kagan’s book is an outstanding contribution to our understanding of the history, development and significance of mathematics, science, and mathematics education.9.

The Science of Mathematics.

A Guide to Mathematical Theory and Applications by Arthur E. Langer Langer’s book focuses not only on the history but also the development in mathematical theory and the use of mathematics to solve problems.10.

The History of the History and Development in Mathematics and Science of Mathematics by Donald J. Munk Langer explores the history behind the use and development, in the sciences and technology, of mathematics as an important discipline.11.

The Nature of Mathematics at Yale University by Andrew F. Laughlin Laughlin’s book offers a historical perspective on the origins, development, and impact of mathematics at Yale and the impact of its use on the modern world.12.

The Evolution of Mathematics as a Science, in Honor of James B. Cogley Cogleys book focuses in on the early history of science, from the beginnings of the modern science of optics, chemistry, and physics, through the development into the modern scientific method and modern mathematics.13.

The Scientific Revolution by Richard E. Deming and J.E.M. Keeling The book offers an analysis of the early origins of mathematics by the scientific revolution in the twentieth-century and discusses the historical and cultural significance of this revolution.14.

The Rise of Mathematics with Reference to Science by Stephen P. Leacock This book, written in the late 1970s, presents a history and an overview for students of mathematics through its origins and evolution.15.

The Story of Mathematics Through the Lens of Science by Christopher W. Schaffer Schaffer’s book examines the historical, cultural, and scientific significance of mathematical research through its relationship to the development, development of science and the advancement of mathematics research.16.

The Future of Mathematics (Second Edition), by Stephen B. Green The book, first published in 1990, offers a comprehensive look at the development as well as the current status of mathematics across the United Kingdom and other developed countries.17.

The Origin of Mathematics for the 20th Century by Mark S. Haugman In this second edition, Haugmans book focuses the history on mathematics and its use in society and the science of mathematics for the twentieth centuries.18.

Mathematics as an American Art and Life: A Biography of Mathematics from the Origins to the Present by Peter L. Riggs In this book, Riggs explores the evolution and significance and the role of mathematics among American artists and in American culture.19.

The Making of Mathematics A History by Robert S. Young This book offers insights into